Ardent Lift

@ArdentLLC. Boston, MA.

The Ardent Nova is the first ever in-home decarboxylator. It activates the compounds found in dry herbs with only a push of a button. Load your favorite material, press a button and extraction of more flavor and potency from your dry herbs begins. Precision decarbing also make sure that not even a little bit of your product go to waste.


Heating dry herbs lead to decarboxylation thereby activating or unlocking all the necessary compounds to achieve your desired psychoactive and therapeutic benefits. Ardent Nova activates dry herbs so that it becomes more potent, optimized and bioavailable. By decarboxylating or heating your product, the Ardent Nova allows you to achieve maximum benefit from its active ingredients.

Build and Design Quality

Ardent Nova is a sturdy, well-built device. Also, it is so easy and simple to use. Open the lip, load your product in, close the lid and turn it on. The device has two sensors which make sure that your products do not get burned, but also so that it decarbs effectively. Its design allows the product to get heated evenly, so you do not have to grind or chop your substance of choice. Usually, it takes about an hour, and you can leave it running. Also, it produces a minimal smell which is barely noticeable.


  • Easy and Simple to use
  • Holds up to 14g to an ounce of Product
  • Easy to make high quality tinctures and perfect edibles
  • Preserve the maximum amount of terps
  • High Grade Metal Chamber
  • Decarbs in up to two hours


  • $125.00
  • $250.00