LaceFace Glass


Born in Oregon, Lacey (LaceFace) Walton was exposed to the art form of glass blowing from an early age. Determined from the beginning to create beauty, LaceFace fell in love with the color, fluidity, and form of glass the moment she began working on the torch in 2004.
LaceFace spent the next several years concentrating on her growing skills as a glass artist while simultaneously putting herself through school. After graduating with an associate degree in the Arts, she become heavily involved in the expanding glass art pipe movement. In 2009, LaceFace began attending several trade shows and flame off competitions around the country, her dedication was rewarded by her receiving several of  the industries highest honor’s and awards of achievements. Wishing to evolve her artistry even further, LaceFace found that collaborations with many of the industries most renowned artists helped her to accomplish creative and innovative works of art and also enabled her to think and work outside of her comfort zone.
Now motivated as a community leader to push the limitations of glass she is currently based in Ashland Oregon where she has established a studio and gallery to showcase her latest artistic endeavors.  Her modern masterpieces of glass art exemplify the power and spirit of this woman and also speak volumes for her determination to succeed as a leading woman in the male dominated glass art industry.